PES 2017 Professionals Patch 2019 V5.3 Season 2019/2020 Download

Features shown

Correct the problem of the classical players and their appearance in the masters
Corrected the problem of the emergence of European teams in the Libertadores Cup
Add the African Cup of Nations Egypt 2019 with the group system and the rise of the best thirds in addition to the graphic tournament and the cup and scorpions
Add all African teams participating in the tournament
Add the latest lists of African teams
Adding national songs to national teams, including African teams added
Add Mood Championship Copa America, graphic and Cup and Scorboard
Add all the Egyptian stadiums hosting the African Nations Cup (Alexandria Stadium, Air Defense Stadium, Cairo Stadium, New Suez Stadium, Ismailia Stadium, El Salam Stadium)
Add the most prominent summer transfers 2019
And many other features you discover yourself

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